Episode 11 – Ricky Ray (Doctor Richard Raymond)

Ricky Ray is one half of The Doc and The Desperado. He’s a seasoned MC who is most widely known for his work on CX Kidtronik’s Krak Attack albums. He got his start at Morehouse, working with Lil Jon, Saul Williams, Zion-I and others.

He has a unique perspective on hip-hop, and he broke down what groups like UTFO, Mantronix and Run-DMC felt like to a young kid in Cherry Hill in the 80’s. He explains his disillusionment with “drug dealer instruction music,” and how he seeks out rap that feels more fun. He talked about how he’s liberated himself from his past writing constraints to find a more natural way of making music.

Mike Riley came correct with this homage to Run-D.M.C.’s Raising Hell. This was recorded at The Lineup Room.

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