Episode 101 – ialive and Darko The Super


My guests this month are ialive and Darko The Super. I first heard ialive when he invited me to play his record release show in Philly. I got turned on to Darko’s music just a few months ago, after seeing them do a dual set in Baltimore.

ialive breaks down his long history as a hip-hop fan, his first projects and his recent tours. Darko talks about what drove him to want to rap and make beats as a teenager, and his prolific album output. They tell me about creating their collaborative duo album, and the forthcoming sequel.

The artwork this month (a tribute to Lords of the Undergrounds’s Here Come The Lords) is by I Taste Sound. This episode is hosted by Splice Today.


Episode 100 – Vel

Height Zone World is back! My guest this month is Vel. He’s a singer-songwriter/rapper from Cleveland. I first got turned onto his music when we played together in Cleveland in 2007, and I got a copy of his debut album, “Meow, Fool!”

He talks about growing up in Cleveland and his entry into music through playing clarinet and jazz bass. He breaks down how he arrived at his songwriting style, and his specific / topical lyrics. We discuss the struggles of getting music out into the world on a budget, and reworking his songs with his new band The Velcats.

The artwork this month (a tribute to Motley Crue’s Girls, Girls, Girls) is by I Taste Sound. This episode is hosted by Splice Today.


Episode 99 – Heddie Leonne

Height Zone World 99. My guest this week is Heddie Leonne. She’s an MC from Olympia, WA. She’s been in the bands Nextdoor Neighbors, Night Fox and Everybody Weekend. She’s currently working on her solo hip-hop debut. We first met when I played in Olympia with her band in 2007.

She talks about starting Nextdoor Neighbors with her friend Kathy Cote, and the forward momentum they felt during their early years as a band. We talk about the confusion she felt when that project came to halt, and her struggle to regain her composure in the music world. We discuss the newfound freedom she’s established with her solo projects, and the moves she’s made in the Olympia hip-hop scene.

Mike Riley’s art this week is an homage to The Fugee’s The Score. This episode is hosted by Splice Today.


Episode 98 – Don’t Cry Paula

My guests this week are Don’t Cry Paula. They’re a hip-hop duo from Little Rock, Arkansas. We first met when we played a show together in Arkansas in the fall of 2013.

They talk about their early solo ventures, and the shared influences that inspired them to join forces. I ask them what it’s like to do what they do in a place like Little Rock. They tell me about the making of their recently-released triple album, Rogue Dreamscapes.

Mike Riley’s art this week is an homage to UTFO’s Skeezer Pleezer. This episode is hosted by Splice Today.