Episode 10 – Black Zheep DZ (Maniacal Genius)


Black Zheep DZ is a young Baltimore MC from the 7th Floor Villains collective. He’s got a prolific output, and he’s been making noise all over the globe through his thorough internet presence.

He had a fresh perspective on the music grind, and an optimistic view on how things work. He talked about learning the ropes from studying his brother-in-law, Baltimore legend Tim Trees. I was curious how he’s managed to pop off so many tight videos and gain so much traction, at a young age. He talked about carving out his own aesthetic in the youtube age, and gave me some details on his new album, 8th World.

This time, Mike Riley hooked up an homage to Eric B and Rakim’s Paid In Full. We laid it all down with the help of The Lineup Room.


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