Episode 36 – Speak ‘N Eye (Gotta Make It Right)

My guests this week are Speak ’N Eye, a.k.a. Unspeakable and M.C.N.eye of Bookhouse. They’re a hip-hop duo based in Winston-Salem, NC. I originally knew them as wild audience members at Greenville, NC house shows, and I’ve been a fan of their music since M.C.N.eye started sending me homespun EP’s in the mail in 2010. Josh tells me about the inspiration he got from the Greenville, NC DIY scene of the early 2000’s, and his early experimental projects. Aaron tells me about his early rock bands, and how he started rapping. They talk about how they decided to team up as duo, and what they’ve got on deck for the future. Mike Riley’s art this week is an homage to The Beastie Boy’s Check Your Head. This episode is hosted by Splice Today. http://splicetoday.com/music/splice-presents-height-zone-world-ep-36-speak-n-eye-gotta-make-it-right

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