Episode 18 – Height Spinning Tunes 2 (Walking With The Grumpy Cat)


A second episode of me spinning tunes in my basement.

Boogie Boy Metal Mouth – All I Want
Gun Club – Promise Me
Big Ria – Hey You Knuckleheads
Paranoid Castle – The Mature Life
Thirstin Howl III – Walk the Walk, Spit the Spit Pt. 2
Doc Waffles – Specificity of Tiny Lights
Shabazz Palaces – Blastit
Kool Keith – Real Gold
Leadbelly – Laura
Woody Guthrie – Do Re Mi
PP Arnold – The First Cut Is The Deepest
Pizza Boys – Sidewinder
Z-Man – Yeah, That’s The Rellie!
Tuff Crew – Extortion
Schoolly D – Saturday Night
Rammellzee and K-Rob – Beat Bop

This time, Mike Riley hooked up an homage to LL Cool J’s Walking With A Panther. We laid it all down with the help of The Lineup Room.

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